5 Sexual Facts:

01: Turn ons and turn offs

"Is that really necessary?”

Hinata is not a complicated girl when it comes to sex, really, in despite of her shyness. In front of people she’s one thing—that timid, sweet girl—,when “tete-a-tete” she can be completely different of what she is normally like. No, it’s totally not like she’s a hoe or something. Don’t misunderstand things; depending on the person, she can be really shy and act with hesitation.

One of her biggest turn offsis when you whisper dirty words or say naughty things for her, but of course she won’t comment a word about it and will feel really awkward, only muttering something back awkwardly. Another turn off: being noisy in the middle of the thing. She will definitely not moan like a total bitch in rut and she expect you to not be like that too. Oh, other thing you’ll have to remember: don’t force yourself on her, otherwise she will get very annoyed and then you’ll have literally no way with her.

Now, for the turn ons: she likes when her hair is pulled, but please, don’t understand it as a "she likes when her hair is yanked”.Don’t be aggressive; it’s just a light pull. You don’t need to act like you need to rip her hair off! Just chill, man. Second biggest turn on is when you nibble at her earlobe. Let’s be frank: who doesn’t like it?! Also, her neck is a good spot to turn her on, too. So just make your way there and have fun.

And please: something that will turn her totally off will be the fact that you probably find her so ‘sweet and delicate’ that you’ll be probably afraid to move. Don’t say you won’t, because almost everyone does think that. Like said before, she’s not made of glass or porcelaine or anything. She’s not a doll, after all. Not saying to be aggressive; there’s no point on it, but just don’t act like she’ll fall to pieces with every single touch.

Also: don’t think she’s that naive towards the sex subject; she may look naive and actually is very shy when talking about it (principally with Temari, a friend that makes Hinata feel as awkward as ever) but when it comes for doing it… Well, you might know soon. Or not.

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